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Audible Cafe Radio Show and Podcast

Aug 6, 2018

Welcome to the Audible Café where we spend time together each week to explore the natural world, wildlife, sustainable living, and climate change.

The week of July 23rd, I attended Podcast Movement 2018 in Philadelphia, where I met and talked with Jen Parrilli, The Mayor of FungiTown.

It was quite an honor to meet such a dedicated aficionado of fungi. She is devoted to sharing all she knows and more with us as she digs into the fascinating subject of fungi — that’s molds, mushrooms and more to the uninitiated. 

My favorite quotable quote from this episode:

“Fungi: they’re more than a pizza topping.”

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Thanks so much Jen Parrilli for a great conversation!

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Audible Café is a place-space where we spend time together each week exploring the natural world, wildlife, sustainable living, and climate change. This opens up possibilities that are basically limitless. And, now more than ever, we need to spend time together being inspired, learning, and trusting we can have a positive impact on the world we love.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Audible Café! It means a lot.

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Joy and peace,

To learn more about Jen’s podcast visit:

Fungitown Podcast

Fungitown Facebook Page


NEXT WEEK: We have another wonderful guest, J. Scott Feierabend, Executive Director of the International Dark Sky Association. Join us!