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Nov 16, 2018

Welcome to the Audible Café Podcast!

Today, my guest is Mike Mease, Campaign Coordinator and Co-Founder of the Buffalo Field Campaign. The Buffalo Field Campaign is the only group working both in the field and in policy arenas to stop the harassment and slaughter of America’s last truly wild, genetically pure buffalo in America. These buffalo are the direct descendants of the 30 to 60 million buffalo that used to roam continental North America, and their herd currently contains less than 4,000 members. The primary goal of the Buffalo Field Campaign is to create permanent year-round protection for bison and the ecosystem they depend on—including respect for the migratory needs of this long-exploited and clearly endangered species. Mike has been devoted to the cause of the wild buffalo for over 22 years. 

The fact that President Obama signed into law the National Bison Legacy Act, which designates the bison as the official mammal of the United States, has done nothing to protect the buffalo! The Act includes a disclaimer that the designation does not change the current management plan that is actually devastating the herd through bad management and what Mike and others aptly call “boxed hunts”. 

Buffalo Field Campaign staff and volunteers are in the process of shepherding through the federal court a case for listing the wild buffalo as an endangered species that would give these wonderful animals the protections they need to thrive - that is, so long as the Endangered Species Act thrives - which is another battle we all must join in. Securing Endangered Species Act status is a long haul and the Buffalo Field Campaign team needs your help! They are halfway through an 8-year process for designating this mammal as an endangered species, and what should be a straightforward and swift action is nothing of the kind. With the herd down to less than 4,000 members, this is an urgent call to action.

So after you listen to this great interview with Mike Mease of the Buffalo Field Campaign, please visit their website at buffalofieldcampaign,org and please take note of their matching campaign before it ends on November 30th. They are a transparent and hard-working non-profit, and they are one of a kind in the nation - the only ones doing this work on behalf of the herd. So also visit their “Get Involved” page to take action on behalf of the last wild herd of buffalo so dearly in need of our protection. The “About Buffalo” section of the website is truly awesome and full of inspiring information about buffalo. The whole website is great.

Thanks again to Mike Mease of Buffalo Field Campaign for taking the time to share his passion for the buffalo and his important work on their behalf.

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Buffalo Field Campaign website:

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