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Dec 18, 2020

Welcome to Audible Café Podcast!

Today, my guests are Gia Neswald and Glen Ayers of the Wendell State Forest Alliance. Their group brought a lawsuit against the Massachusetts Dept of Conservation and Recreation, or DCR and Secretary Kathleen Theoharides of the Exec. Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, to HALT the logging of forestlands in Wendell State Forest. The goal of this and other actions they have and intend to take is to stop DCR’s improper and illegal commercial logging in state parks and forest throughout the Commonwealth.

Unfortunately, their lawsuit was dismissed. But they intend to continue on fighting for laws and regulations that protect forests to be written and upheld.

Although State Forests are lands owned by all of us, the residents of the Commonwealth, (insofar as land can or should be owned at all, which is debatable) the public has basically no say in how they are managed. There is something fundamentally wrong about this state of affairs, and I think you’ll learn some pretty surprising things from Gia and Glen today.

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Wendell State Forest Alliance website

Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR) website

Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) website

Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) website